American Idol: They Pick The Hits

Posted by admin - 31/03/09 at 01:03 am

This week is kind of a wild card, with no discernible theme to the show. The Idols pick a song, any song, and perform. This week is a good opportunity for each performer to show us they understand what their strengths are.

Unfortunately, right off the bat, Anoop shows us he doesn’t. Anoop does a totally karaoke version of “Caught Up” to start the show. It’s just not a good idea to perform a sing for Simon that includes the word “homeys.” It’s not going to go well.

The tattooed Megan is next, doing Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down.” Megan’s voice has a Nelly Furtado growl to it that sets her apart, but also eliminates her from serious contention. Every week they seem to like her less and less, unfortunately.

Danny continues to be Danny, hitting all the right spots with “What Hurts The Most.” He’s a good example of someone who knows his strengths and picks the perfect songs for his style.

Sixteen-year-old Allison does “Don’t Speak.” I liked it, the judges didn’t. She’s starting to get backlash for being too good in the previous rounds, it seems. Also, with the guitar slung around her and the weird fashion, it reminded me of some kind of Hannah Montana-Camp Rock-Disney movie.

After Scott was chastised for being a piano guy, this week he takes a piano song and turns it into…a piano song. Worse still, he brings back Kirk Cameron’s hair from 1987. His “Just The Way You Are” is well-received, though.

Up next is the other piano guy Matt, who does a song from…a piano band. He does “You Found Me” from The Fray. Matt’s another good example of a guy completely comfortable with who he is. However, what he is isn’t the next American Idol.

Lil comes up with “I Surrender” from Celine Dion, who along with Mariah and Whitney are the patron saints of prospective American Idols. She seemed to perform a lot better than they gave her credit for, Lil is one of those singers who’s so good she graded at a higher level. Worse yet, afterwards Seacrest brought her daughter up for a tearful hug with Randy.

Adam picks another weird one, with “Play That Funky Music.” He’s still staying away from the “Emo Adam” look, but with the hair swooped back, he’s got a televangelist vibe about him. He kills again, though. Paula responds with a verbal essay about longevity that sounds so good, I’m going to assume it was either written on the teleprompter or fed to her through her earpiece.

Kris draws the slot of following Adam, and does “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Simple song, rave reviews.

Top Three: Adam, Danny, Kris
Bottom Three: Scott, Megan, Anoop

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