Donald Trump Rules Miss California Can Keep Crown, Breasts

Posted by admin - 12/05/09 at 01:05 am

Our long national nightmare is over, it seems. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, will be keeping her crown. Donald Trump has ruled that even though some nude pictures of her taken when she was younger have surfaced, she will retain her crown.

For those of you who are wondering why Donald Trump gets to decide, he is the owner of the Miss USA Pageant. It’s kind of like the Yankees owning their minor league franchises. Miss USA is like triple-A ball for the next future ex-Mrs. Trumps.

It’s kind of surprising for Trump to make this call, especially when you look at this last season’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump fired Khloe Kardashian for a year-old DUI charge that everyone in the country knew about, except for Trump. He fired her when he found out, even though she had already served her time.

With the end of the pageant and the season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice,” I thought for sure we were finished talking about both of these people for a little while. Between her gay marriage comments, the story about her contest-financed breast implants, and now the nude pictures, Prejean has now been a part of our national consciousness for longer than any other pageant contestant since Vanessa Williams.

Isn’t it a little bit ironic that the only time we ever hear about pageant contestants after the contest is over is when the inevitable naked pictures show up?

— Reid Kerr thinks the talent competition is underrated, and yet hilarious.

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