Coupon And On And On

Posted by admin - 17/01/10 at 09:01 pm

Some things, you should never pay full price for.

This is something that’s dawned on me, after a lifetime of being a cheap bastard. Oh, I’ve hit the sales, discount places, closeout barns, and please-buy-it-before-we-through-it-away stores. I’ve bought stuff at deep discounts that I wouldn’t take if you just handed it to me for free.

I’m the kind of guy who’s actually uttered the sentences, “How much is the McChicken? A Dollar? Yes, I’ll have four of them, please.”

There are all sorts of opportunities to click here for coupons and help get some money off of whatever your next purchase is, whether it’s electronics, food, tires, or whatever. If you look online, you might find coupons for everything up to and including a kidney transplant.

By the way, I know there’s a lot of things you don’t want to skimp on. Medical procedures probably fall into that category.

Anyway, we’ve gotten to the point where nothing should ever be taken at first price. We’re becoming a society of people shouting at each other in the marketplace, bartering for trinkets while throwing handfuls of shiny objects in the air. We’re keeping our cars longer, and apparently we’re just throwing the keys into our houses and walking off these days. At this rate, real estate agents are soon going to turn into carnival barkers, forcing their houses on passers-by in the marketplace.

“And you, sir! The well-heeled gentleman in the smart jacket…how will you like your new domicile? I can fit yew into a new split-level by the end of the day, I can. Come back! I’ll throw in the two-car garage, free of charge!”

We’ve all got to keep our heads about us. Soon we’ll be using coupons for tap water, and haggling over the cost of our garbage pickup.

The odd thing is, we never seem to take offense to gas prices. Gas prices go up and down like Andy Dick on a bender, and everyone complains about them. Still, no one ever changes. I live in Texas, where there’s about 1.2 vehicles for every man, woman, and child in the state. Some people have driveways so long, they have to drive themselves to the mailbox.

Sure, some people decide we should all go a weekend without buying gas, just to show the oil companies we mean business. Nice try, but all that will show the oil companies is that they can sell a crapload of gas on Fridays and Mondays.

— Reid Kerr actually has purchased coupons on Ebay, and felt bad about it because he didn’t have a coupon.

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