The Wine This Time

Posted by admin - 02/01/10 at 02:01 pm

As someone who came to alcohol late in life, I’ve missed out on a lot. You know those great stories everyone has from college? Yeah, I have the sober version of those. They’re basically completely different and lacking in fun, although they still do wind up eating at IHOP for some reason.

I’ve come to beer recently, which I realize I only really like if I put lime into it. That makes me wonder if perhaps I should just drink lime juice, and chase it with Nyquil. I have almost no experience with wine or champagne, and I wouldn’t know a good chardonnayif they served it to me in a pimp goblet.

Luckily though, I have plenty of friends who have those previously mentioned crazy stories, and all of them have their ideas on what I should be imbibing.

Thanks to them, I’ll be getting my college education in life, only twenty years too late. infographic


— Reid Kerr likes the bottle, not the can.





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