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Posted by admin - 06/02/10 at 12:02 am

Confession time. I know nothing about cars.

Other guys grew up talking about horsepower, and engine size, and…well, a lot of other terms that I don’t have the slightest idea about. My mechanic could tell me my car needs a new sphincter valve, and I’d buy one. In metric size.

When I buy a car, I like to have as little contact with the salesman as possible. They keep saying things that are gibberish to me.

Salesman: Yeah, this baby’s got the 3.1415 cubic ergonomicosity, with the new driveshaft flipperdoodle.
Me: Oh. Yeah, I’m gonna want that. Do I need the…
Salesman: Of course. You don’t want the sphincter valve to blow out, do you?
Me: Oh no. Those are expensive. I’ve had to replace those before.

Now though, there’s a website to help you out. At Shop 4 Used, you can search for cars in your location. No salesmen will hang over your shoulder, talking about things you don’t understand.  It’s a no-pressure look around the lot, except it’s every lot. And it has actual, honest-to-God prices on the website. No haggling. No trying to find a salesman on a good day.

Perhaps I’ll try Ken Garff at Ken Garff Honda Orem. It would not only probably save me a few bucks, but also get me some great looks when I’m stuck in traffic, and people get confused as to where Orem is. If they don’t have a high school football team, people around here don’t recognize them.


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