Optical Delusions

Posted by admin - 23/02/10 at 04:02 am

A friend of mine posted recently about books on optical illusions being just as troubling in her adult life as they were in elementary school.

I heartily agree. To me, optical illusions fall into the same category as old-school magicians.

“Hey, look at this! These two lines are actually the same length! Look! Isn’t that something?”

“Yeah, great…can I go now?”

And why do we show these mindf$#@s to kids, anyway? Why is it important to let children know that they can be easily fooled. Are we training them to doubt their own eyes and only trust in what the authority tells them is the truth?

Man, when I uncork a rant against Big Brother like that, sometimes I sound like George Carlin with a migraine headache. I gotta stop putting Red Bull on my Honey Nut Cheerios first thing in the morning.

— Reid Kerr thinks it’s not good to show kids that even their eyes lie to them.

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