Vacation, All I’ve Ever Wanted

Posted by admin - 03/03/10 at 11:03 pm

It’s been a long, long month.

Hoo-BOY, has it ever been. The garage sale came and went, and only took about 72 hours of standing on my feet while approximately 6000 people came through, stuffing one dollar bills into my hands and walked off with crap I was going to throw in the dumpster anyway.

At this point, I need a vacation. My problem is, I don’t like vacations. I don’t want to do the touristy things, and I don’t know enough about anywhere to NOT do the touristy things. I don’t want to take a flight somewhere to relax, then wind up spending my time at Chilis and Walmart.

Lots of travel sites on the web now too, but many of them assume I’ve got either more money than Trump, or worse taste than…well, Trump.

My new favorite site? Gay Travel You can go there and see tours and advice on various places. You can check out gay Hong Kong, even.

Maybe that would be the place to go for me. I’m not gay, and I don’t speak a foreign language, but the site makes it sound nice. I’d be a complete alien there, like I’d just walked in from Venus. I’d have the perfect excuse to just relax, drink whatever I could point to on the menu, and have a good time.

An exhausted guy can dream, can’t he?

Thanks to, I know there’s a place in Hong Kong called Repulse Bay. That doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of place you could pick up a date, whether gay or straight. That’s like taking a singles cruise to the Gulf-Of-Sleeping-Alone. The site has pretty intricate details on how to get to the Bay and back, which will be a great help when you get tired of the “repulse” part of the bay, and trudge on back to the hotel.


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