Lost: The Final Retrospective, And The Last Round Of Questions

Posted by admin - 23/05/10 at 12:05 pm

In honor of the final episode of Lost, I’ll be live blogging it here and through Facebook. Refresh the page every few minutes, and we’ll all stay confused together.

6:00pm – The retrospective begins. They’re really taking us back to the first episode here, which is strange. The first episode of Lost has as much to do with the finale as the invention of movable type had to do with

6:08pm – Remember when the Smoke Monster killed the pilot on the plane (Matt Parkman, psychic cop from Heroes)? Yeah. Why would he do that?

6:17pm – We get the montage of Sawyer’s nicknames for the other cast members. Good times. My favorites? “Kenny Rogers,” “Genghis,” and “Deepdish.”

6:26pm – Ah, Charlie and Claire. What an emotional moment it was when Charlie sacrificed himself because Desmond told him he had to, or Claire wouldn’t be able to leave the island. Of course, he died and she still didn’t get to leave. Desmond may not have always known what he was talking about. That boy’s got three timelines worth of brain damage.

6:40pm – Vincent the dog appears in a montage. Idle thought, but when Vincent got thrown through time, did he get thrown seven times farther than the humans did?

6:48pm – Benjamin Linus, the most beaten-up character in the history of television. I think only Tonto got more beatings as a plot point. Ben is also the character who caused the most damage. He killed Kearney and blew up the ship, killed Locke and let the Man In Black take his form, and killed Jacob and started the end. Ben has made a whole bunch’a awful decisions. He’s the BP of Lost.

7:02pm – I’ve just realized they totally skipped over the first round of “The Others,” the people from the tail of the plane who came to the island, took prisoners, had DWIs, and then all got killed off in a hurry. I guess they’re just pretending that second season didn’t happen.

7:07pm – Idle thought, the Oceanic Six were all famous when they came back to the real world. Now they’re all gone. You’d think someone at TMZ would have noticed, at least.

7:14pm – ABC runs a commercial for Wipeout, which is probably the exact opposite of Lost. If instead of using the numbers, Lost had a subplot based on having to cross three giant orange balls, I’ll bet a lot more people would have watched.

7:20pm – Juliet dies, but goes on to V. Charlie went on to FlashForward. Juliet wins.

7:48pm – They remind us that at one point, Locke faced down the Smoak Monster and lived. Nice touch there. However, so did Mr. Eko. I guess we’re going to pretend that one didn’t happen.

7:58pm – And now we’re up to the confusing present. On to the final show…

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