Zac Efron’s Abs vs. Helen Mirren’s Body

Posted by admin - 20/06/10 at 09:06 pm

People Magazine this week features a half-naked Zac Efron, and wants me to know he’s on their list of “Wow! Amazing Bodies!”

Of course he does. Zac Efron is twenty-two, and quite possibly gay as a french horn. He has no real job. He’s supposed to have a good body.

I’m not impressed by Hollywood bodies, because unlike professional sports, no one ever checks to see if an entertainer is on performance-enhancing drugs.

For example, look at Jake Gyllenhall at any other point in his lifetime, past or future. Now look at him in the ads for that Prince of Persia movie. It’s like he’s been shooting up with whatever the Giants found left over in Barry Bonds locker when he retired.

A 22 year-old guy with no steady job and eleventy managers and trainers watching over him, having a nice body? That’s not news to me.

Helen Mirren being in her sixties, and still pulling off the two-piece? Now that’s a news story I’d like to get to the bottom of, no pun intended.

Okay, pun intended. I can’t pass that one up.

Somebody under twenty-five shirtless at the beach? Not news. When Abe Vigoda is rocking the washboard abs, feel free to alert me. That seems to be a workout plan worth investing in.

Reid Kerr doesn’t have a six pack, but at the right angle, does appear to have a keg.

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  1. Bill says:
    August 7th, 2010 at 3:53 am

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  2. admin says:
    August 7th, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Jesus, Bill. Why would anyone ever want that? Worst spam ever.