Big Brother 12 Podcast: Britney Undaunted

Posted by admin - 21/07/10 at 01:07 pm

For those of you who are Big Brother fans, I’ll be podcasting about the show every week with my friend (and reality TV expert) Michael Hetrick.

For week two in the house, we cover:

  • The quick elimination of the saboteur, and how CBS is stuck with a lot of unused sabotage materials.
  • Why Annie’s speech was the best ever, and shows how dumb the rest of the contestants are in terms of gameplay.
  • How Britney, through either editing or personality, has become the bad guy.
  • How some of the houseguests don’t even show up on the show yet.

Much more available, you can find our week two Podcast up here (20min, 19.0M). Feedback always welcome.

— Reid Kerr thinks the pawn always goes home.

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