Big Brother 12: The Podcast

Posted by admin - 13/07/10 at 02:07 pm

For those of you who are Big Brother fans, I’ll be podcasting about the show every week with my friend (and reality TV expert) Michael Hetrick.

This week, we tackle:

  • The first 13 contestants.
  • The saboteur, and how we don’t want to know who it is.
  • Why you shouldn’t want to be HOH in week one.
  • Why you shouldn’t make a public alliance, complete with nicknames in week one, especially if some of your members don’t even know what a “Brigade” is.

Much more available, you can find our first Podcast up here (23min, 22.0M). Feedback always welcome.

— Reid Kerr thinks either Kathy’s the saboteur, or either the Texarkana Sheriff’s Department has no physical fitness requirement.

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