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Vacation Day 1: Pokemon Fight Club

8th August 2010 by admin 1 Comment

Vacation, Day One. My first full day of vacation fell on a Saturday, which meant it was time for a Pokemon tournament. If you’re not familiar with Pokemon, I envy the heck out of you. Pokemon is, among other things, a card game played by kids, teenagers, and some creepy adults. Each of your cards […]

Vacation Day 0: To Sleep, Perchance To Lay There

7th August 2010 by admin 2 Comments

Vacation, Day Zero Today is my first actual, honest-to-God, full week of stress-free vacation I’ve had since…uh…I’m not certain when. It’s been years and jobs since I’ve been able to actually get a period of time off, due to various problems, job responsibilities, my stupidities, etc. My radio show ended at six on Friday night, […]