Taco Fever

Posted by admin - 20/08/10 at 06:08 am

This poorly-worded advertisement was on the counter of my local Taco Bell/KFC the other night. My local taco emporium is looking for “Customer Maniacs.”

I know they’re trying to make the lucrative field of taco preparation seem exciting, but I think they’ve gone too far. I don’t want a “maniac” preparing my food.

Yeah, that’s all I need. Some crazed maniac, loose in the Taco Bell with that giant sour cream/caulk gun. I’m not sure I’m going in if there’s the slightest chance that someone with some form of dementia working behind the counter, talking to aliens and taking a dump on my chalupa.

I can appreciate them wanting people who are energetic about their jobs, but I think there must be a better word for it. Perhaps “Go-Getter.” “Go-Getters” work extra hard to keep the tables wiped down and clean. “Maniacs” kill people, and keep their ears.

And another thing, why do they think I want to buy bad tacos and chicken at the same counter? It unnerves me to see people who don’t have the fine art of taco assembly down being entrusted with my chicken preparation. Bad tacos will make you sick, bad chicken can kill you.

— Reid Kerr gets ticked when they forget to cut the lettuce, because all they have to do is not put their hand in the stinkin’ lettuce.

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