The Missing Links

Posted by admin - 24/08/10 at 08:08 am

It’s come to my attention that my website isn’t as high in the search engines, and thus doesn’t get as much traffic as others, because I have elected not to have links to every awful website, link farm, and spam factory littering my pages. Somehow, the fact that I ignored a link request from sites like is hurting my ability to attract new readers.

Here’s my offer, if you’re a reader of ReidAboutIt and have a website and I’m not already linking to you, just make a comment to this blog and I’ll add a link to you both here and at my sports-related sarcasm site, Fistful of Please link to me at both sites, also.

Apparently, being linked on a bunch of pages is the best thing in the world for a website, better than regular updates, funny content, and pictures of Jenna Jameson all rolled together. Being linked on other pages drives traffic, stimulates the economy, and helps keep the democracy alive. Proper linkage means more page views, easy weight loss, and male enhancement.

Drop me a line. We bloggers are all in this together.

By the way, today’s picture of Jenna Jameson? Yes, it was a totally gratuitous plug for traffic. Please don’t think ill of me.

— Reid Kerr is constantly amused by the search terms that lead people to his site, which once included “Rosie O’Donnell nude”.

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