Vacation Day 1: Pokemon Fight Club

Posted by admin - 08/08/10 at 11:08 pm

Vacation, Day One.

My first full day of vacation fell on a Saturday, which meant it was time for a Pokemon tournament.

If you’re not familiar with Pokemon, I envy the heck out of you. Pokemon is, among other things, a card game played by kids, teenagers, and some creepy adults. Each of your cards is a character with certain attacks and defenses. Some cards evolve into other characters, except in the state of Kansas which has outlawed evolution. In Kansas, it’s God’s will that Pikachu eventually becomes Pokeszord, or whoever.

On the surface, they say you can play the game by just understanding a few rules. That’s true in the same way that owning a Nintendo flight simulator qualifies you to work for United Airlines.

My daughter is Pokemon-crazy. My ten-year-old Pup has thrown herself into Pokemon the way Dan Brown throws himself into obscure details of religious art, or country music fans throw theselves into with songs that begin “Woke up this morning.”

We went to a local comic shop, Ground Zero, and set out to win the tournament. Well, she did, I set out to get her established and go have a sandwich.

Pokemon is not a great spectator sport. It’s like watching that “War” card game, except with far more arcane rules. Two-and-a-half hours later, we emerged with a 3-1 record. Yay, Pokemon and whatnot!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at Barnes & Noble and Target.

My Barnes & Noble has been through some changes over the last few months. To begin with, they outlawed the practice of just letting people sit or lay anywhere they wanted to. I’m completely in favor of that one, walking around a bookstore shouldn’t be like trying to make your way through The Day After. There are more people laying on the floor than walking around the store. Get up, and at least pretend to buy something.

My Barnes & Noble has now taken the next step, which is to take out chairs with any kind of comfort. The soft comfy chairs are gone, replaced by the kind of hard wooden chairs that Jack Bauer was always tying people to in an attempt to get information out of them. You read any more than a magazine in one of those babies, and your backside will be asleep like you just watched the director’s cut of Bridges of Madison County.

We lingered a while, then got some shopping done at Target. Another successful day of vacation.

— Reid Kerr would probably watch televised Uno.

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