Vacation Day 2: The End Of An Era

Posted by admin - 10/08/10 at 04:08 pm

Vacation, Day 2.

For my Sunday, I drove a half hour over to Longview and helped a friend of mine move out of his store.

As a little background, I am an admitted comic book geek. I grew up a fan, hooked from the first time I saw Spider-Man on “The Electric Company.”

Since I was fourteen, I’ve gone to Alan’s Comics and Cards in Longview. Alan’s been my hookup for more than twenty-five years.

A comic book shop holds a special place in the heart of a dork. It’s kind of a nerd-bar. It’s where everybody knows your name, and more importantly, knows what you’re talking about when you talk about your hobbies. It’s kind of like how fantasy football guys are always talking about their fantasy football leagues, even though there’s only ten other people on the planet who understand what they’re talking about.

I actually did a story with Alan last year, as the ideal of the American Dream. Here’s a guy who turned his hobby into a business for more than two decades.

That was less than a year ago. The neighborhood comic shop has now gone the way of the video store, True Believers. Another industry has been lost to chain stores and the internet. It’s a sad day in Metropolis.

— Reid Kerr acknowledges that most comic book movies suck.

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