Vacation Day 3: I Fought The Law

Posted by admin - 10/08/10 at 03:08 am

Vacation, Day 3.

Monday of my first full week’s vacation. A whole week of nothing beckons, and how do I start it out?

I spend the day in court, and waiting in line. Fun, fun.

To begin with, I had to go and get a new registration for my van. The great state of Texas sends you a mail-in form a month in advance that you can just send back with a check, and get registered. As usual, I set that aside and left it there.

I always have the best of intentions. If I could be judged purely on my intentions, I feel certain I would be at the top of my class. I’m an Oscar winner if we stop with intentions.

However, we don’t. Therefore, I’m a large bag of crap, because I follow through like a ADHD golfer.

So I needed to get my registration. To get that, I needed to find the form I should have mailed in, and a copy of my insurance.

Two fairly simple items, sure, but to me it was like trying to find the Holy Grail and an honest man. It only took me ten minutes to find the form, because luckily I had left it in an “easy to remember place.”

From there, I waded through approximately three hundred insurance cards, all of which expired last month. I get something from my insurance guy about once a week, however, none of it is ever the one thing I need when the cops are standing by my car.

After finally getting an extra copy and my registration taken care of, it was time to head over to the county courthouse and take care of a speeding ticket.

As background, I had more than my fair share of speeding tickets in my twenties. That got expensive in a hurry, of course, so I’ve shut that down for the most part. My last speeding ticket was in Louisiana last year in an area that was so obviously a speed trap, the officer had a credit card swiper on his belt by his holster. Other than that, I’m clean.

I paid some of the ticket and signed up for defensive driving, which means I’ll spend a day sometime in the next month listening to celebrities like Craig T. Nelson tell me on the dangers of driving in the rain. That seems like punishment enough.

— Reid Kerr always leaves two car lengths between himself and the next blog.

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