My Charity Case

Posted by admin - 15/09/10 at 07:09 am

I’m involved with a new charity I’d like to plug here. I’ve done work with local “Coats For Kids” programs, and there’s another segment of the population who also needs our help. When we help them, we all benefit.

I’m sure you’ve been in line at the Kwik-E-Mart before and noticed them in front of you, the unfortunate souls buying a pack of smokes, roll of Copenhagen, and a wad of lotto tickets, all while clad only in worn shorts and flip-flops.

Now, you can help. With our new Shirts For Schmucks program, you don’t have to fear anymore.

We will take your donations, and by force if necessary, clothe these people. Gone will be the man-breasts, the open wounds and the misspelled tattoos. No longer will you have to avert your gaze from misshapen moles, pock marks, and meth bruises.

With your help, we will cover the masses.

Remember, giving back is good. Showing your back is not.

— Reid Kerr barely gets shirtless in the shower, at this point.

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