Safe At Home

Posted by admin - 28/10/10 at 11:10 pm

I saw in the newspaper (okay, on the newspaper website) where there was a shooting at my old apartment complex.

Actually in front of my apartment. Okay, actually IN my old parking space.

Now, this kind of thing makes me want to check out some security systems and see if they’ve got anything in a nice electric fence, or perhaps a laser-guided missile.

There’s a special kind of protective shield around you when you own a home. When you’re in an apartment, generally speaking you expect something to go wrong every six months or so. No matter how good things are, you figure someone in your sample size is going to be a problem.

But when you’re in a home, you think whatever happens on your street won’t affect you. Really, the only difference between bad neighbors and bad apartment renters is a running start before they come inside.

— Reid Kerr is always afraid the Girl Scouts are casing the place when they sell him cookies.


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