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Happy Hitler

29th November 2010 by admin No Comments

This is Obama’s chief strategist and senior advisor, David Axelrod. So I guess I should assume that at no point in this man’s life, both personal and professional, none of his friends or colleagues has ever come up to him and said “Hey Dave…you know, you kind of look like Hitler.” (By the way, this […]

Online Pokered Up

23rd November 2010 by admin No Comments

Poker can be a fun game. And I don’t mean funny “ha-ha,” but more like funny “kill me,” especially when you’re just starting out. If the internet is good for nothing else (and judging from my Twitter feed, it might not be) at least it’s good to learn how to play online poker. It used […]

The Desperation Of Inspiration

22nd November 2010 by admin No Comments

I know a lot of people who read my musings at are also writers, musicians, office comedians, and other folks who create. Today, I’d like to know where it all comes from. November is National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a Novel in one month, and to produce fifty thousand words in […]

Breaking & Entering For Television Purposes

19th November 2010 by admin No Comments

(Note: This blog originally ran in November, 2008. I no longer work in TV, and I have more hair now. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.) A large part of my job as a television schmuck is doing nothing. That sounds bad. And lazy. And not at all high-paying. Luckily, it’s only one of those things. […]

Friday Search Party

12th November 2010 by admin No Comments

Before I forget, there’s some new columns up on the Examiner site. At “Pickin’ Ain’t Easy,” I make my predictions for the NFL week, while simultaneously working in jokes about Britney Spears, Bill Maher, and Howie Mandel. As Joe Bob says, check it out. I’ve got a site counter on Reid About It that tells […]

Party Animus

11th November 2010 by admin No Comments

Just once in my life, I’d like to go to a real party. You know, like the ones they see on TV. Like the kind Aziz Ansari would throw. I want to be served tiny amounts of expensive, well-orchestrated food off of a serving plate that costs more than my car. I want to stop […]

Motivational Speakers

11th November 2010 by admin No Comments

The concept of this profession just completely eludes me. These people get money to tell you what they’re doing in their own lives. Does this ever work? All I ever do is figure out if they’re going to tell me how to be a Motivational Speaker myself, so I can pick up their speaking fee. […]

Shopping Excursion: Target

5th November 2010 by admin No Comments

I love to go shopping. I don’t even call it “shopping,” I refer to it as a “purchasing excursion.” It’s not for any financial reasons, but more for the freakshow and bizarre products that I seem to always run across. Last time, to begin with, I met this festively dressed woman in the parking lot. […]


2nd November 2010 by admin No Comments

The newest thing at Sonic Drive-In is the “Super Sonic Breafast Toaster,” made with grilled onions. To begin with, a “Super Sonic Toaster” sounds like something that Superman would use to make breakfast. And grilled onions at breakfast? That’s just not something I’m ready for that early in the morning. Why would you roll out […]