Friday Search Party

Posted by admin - 12/11/10 at 08:11 am

Before I forget, there’s some new columns up on the Examiner site. At “Pickin’ Ain’t Easy,” I make my predictions for the NFL week, while simultaneously working in jokes about Britney Spears, Bill Maher, and Howie Mandel. As Joe Bob says, check it out.

I’ve got a site counter on Reid About It that tells you not only how many people visit the site, but how they are referred to it. I’m always intrigued by the things people are looking for when they find my page. Here’s a few samples.

john cusack radio over head” – What a lovely image that is from “Say Anything.” Nowdays, they’d haul him in for stalking, and he’d have a harassment charge hanging over him for the rest of his life.”solsbury hill bikini contest” – Thanks for ruining a perfect good Peter Gabriel song for me.

jennie garth archive” – If such a thing exists, it’s probably on the Lifetime website.

who narrates beef it’s what’s for dinner” – It’s Sam Elliott. How long has it been since you’ve seen Road House? Well, that’s too long.

sleeping with the babysitter” – I’m not sure what this person was searching for, but I’ll just say I’m intrigued by whatever they were hoping to find.

assholes without borders” – I made that one up here.

“actors blue urine” – No idea what this means, but I’m curious myself. That doesn’t sound at all normal.

how to install my own stripper pole at home in an apartment” – Two things, first call me. And second, a stripper pole is probably something you want to wait to install until you get a house.

“50 ways to leave your lover worst songs ever” – I agreed here.

“shirtless david caruso” – That’s not only disconcerting, but also oddly specific.

“misshapen moles” – I’m going to go ahead and apologize to whatever poor soul found my site searching for help with a possible skin cancer, and instead had to put up with me cracking wise about Wal-Mart.

— Reid Kerr’s least favorite search was for “Rosie O’Donnell nude.”

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