Happy Hitler

Posted by admin - 29/11/10 at 03:11 am

This is Obama’s chief strategist and senior advisor, David Axelrod.

So I guess I should assume that at no point in this man’s life, both personal and professional, none of his friends or colleagues has ever come up to him and said “Hey Dave…you know, you kind of look like Hitler.”

(By the way, this is as close as I am ever going to come to political humor. You want political humor, go check out Will Durst.)

The basic dark hair and mustache look is pretty much universally equated with Hitler. Think about that for a minute. Hitler may be the most infamous person in history, but even so, he may have the most famous look in history.

There’s not too many people that have that instant recognition. You can’t say somebody looks like Benito Mussolini, or Abraham Lincoln, or David Hasselhoff, and instantly have everyone know what you’re talking about.

You say “That guy looked like Hitler,” and someone that looks like this pops into your mind.

It doesn’t seem right.

— Reid Kerr wouldn’t grow the Hitler, or the Rollie Fingers for that matter.

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