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Poker Made Easy-ish

9th December 2010 by admin No Comments

I’ve always loved games of chance for one simple reason. I’m very good at them, as long as there’s no actual money on them. If we’re playing for matches, chips, or miscellaneous debris, I will beat you down like Joe Pesci in Casino. However, when actual money gets on the table, I’m totally Don Rickles […]

A Public Service Message

2nd December 2010 by admin No Comments

In my long career in the media, it’s been my pleasure to know thousands of high school, junior college, and college athletes who were pursuing their dreams of making it to the highest level. These student-athletes have inspired their fans with their dedication and resolve to be the best they can be. If I may, […]

Six Words

1st December 2010 by admin No Comments

The great Ernest Hemingway once wrote the shortest of short stories, just six words. The result was “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” Give it a try. My attempts: “Now we’re both happy. Except me.” “I won, so he stabbed me.” “So I drank until she left.” “So closed the Hungry, Hungry Hippo.” “Eyes closed, […]