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Garage Sailing

28th March 2011 by admin No Comments

I’ve spent the past week getting ready for a garage sale. Yes, the mythical garage sale I’ve been talking about having for the last 16 years. And because of that, I’ve been thinking about running away. Far far away. Just leaving my stuff behind and checking into Calgary apartment rentals, and shuffling off this mortal […]

Celebrity Apprentice: In Love And Warwick

28th March 2011 by admin No Comments

Our new podcast is up, thanks to the folks at Lovely wife Kimberly and I talk about last night’s Celebrity Apprentice featuring: – Why we don’t like Star Jones, but think she’ll make the final two. – How no one likes Jose Canseco, including the editors. – Why Gary Busey is wonderful, hilarious chaos. […]

American Idol Chatter

24th March 2011 by admin 1 Comment

New podcast up on last night’s American Idol. My entire bottom three consisted of one person. I enjoyed the show, but Steven Tyler needs to sit down, and Jennifer Lopez has got to eventually say something negative without apologizing for it. Check out that podcast here. — Reid Kerr thinks you should never bring someone […]

The DonkeyTaco Podcast

24th March 2011 by admin No Comments

Every week I gather with my friend Chris Stuckey to talk about all things pop culture, this week’s show is up and running under the quizzical name of On this week’s show… – American Idol – Who’s the odds-on favorite? – Dancing With The Stars – What’s up with Ralph Macchio’s hair – Forgotten […]

Reid: Inside The Actor’s Studio

2nd March 2011 by admin No Comments

For your blogging infotainment, today I present The Pivot Questionnaire, better known as the questions James Lipton asks every guest on “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” 1. What is your favorite word? “Moist,” followed closely by “rigid”. 2. What is your least favorite word? “Sword,” when it’s pronounced suh-warred. I almost called off something I was […]