Garage Sailing

Posted by admin - 28/03/11 at 11:03 pm

I’ve spent the past week getting ready for a garage sale. Yes, the mythical garage sale I’ve been talking about having for the last 16 years.

And because of that, I’ve been thinking about running away. Far far away. Just leaving my stuff behind and checking into Calgary apartment rentals, and shuffling off this mortal burden.

What is it about seeing everything I’ve saved for the last twenty years all gathered in one place that shocks and depresses me so much? I saw a box of old Guitar magazines I had apparently sealed up in 1994, and have been carting around from house to house with me, apparently in the blind hopes that Steve Vai gave the winning PowerBall numbers for March 2012 in an interview he gave in 1986.

After a little while, you start to envy the monks. The lifestyle of having nothing, and no need to find places to put it really starts to sound good to you, especially when you’re confronted with a box containing a pile of Weird Al Yankovic “UHF” posters, a dictionary from your freshman year, and a Sports Illustrated watch that hasn’t worked since Joe Montana was a 49er.

— Reid Kerr will get this garage sale finished if it kills him, which is currently running at 3:1 odds.

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