Celebrity Apprentice: Gary Busey Meets Meat

Posted by admin - 18/04/11 at 06:04 am

Our new DonkeyTaco.com Celebrity Apprentice podcast is up, as the reign of Gary Busey comes to an end. This week we tackle the big issues, such as…

  • Why Gary Busey doesn’t really understand the concept of meat, and how’s he’s riding rainbows to Nirvana.
  • How Nene will say anything, anytime, to anyone.
  • Why Donald Trump’s kids are required to have worse hair than he does.
  • LaToya Jackson’s commitment to charity that goes way back to…uh, almost two years ago.

Check it out on the podcast.

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— Reid Kerr doesn’t want to be called “ka-boy” either, because that’s not a word.

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