DonkeyTaco Podcasts: Two Times The Fun

Posted by admin - 27/04/11 at 08:04 pm

The new Pop Culture Podcasts are up, with two times the podcasts this week. Chris Stuckey was out, so joining me and lovely wife Kimberly is old friend and human Wiki Michael Hetrick. We had so much fun, we’ve split it into two podcasts for you.

In podcast one, we talk about Glee’s ninety minutes last night, messages on t-shirts, Kurt’s return, why no one gets Emma, how local weathermen go crazy for bad weather, and more. Download the first podcast here.

Then in the second part of the podcast, we move on to American Idol, The Voice,  why peeps are an odd gift, why iPads rule, and other random things. Download that podcast here.

— Reid Kerr doesn’t understand why the kids on Glee never go to class.

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