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Today’s Horoscopes

23rd May 2011 by admin 2 Comments

Aries: You will become acquainted with a handsome stranger on a long journey. However, he will take you as a hostage, so dress comfortably. Taurus: Your moon is in the seventh house, but your husband is in the neighbor’s bedroom. Call an attorney. Gemini: Self-examination is the key to growth. You will come to the […]

Celebrity Apprentice Podcast: The Final Trump

23rd May 2011 by admin No Comments

Kimberly Kerr and I wrap up the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, podcasting about… Why there wasn’t much drama for the final two contestants. How Star really got the better of Nene in their showdown. How Def Leppard apparently doesn’t watch Celebrity Apprentice at all. Busey, Busey, Busey. All that and more on the podcast. Check […]

All A-Twitter

23rd May 2011 by admin No Comments

I fear I’ve fallen prey to the lure of internet identity. I am now signing up for pretty much anything I see. I’m a perfect drone for advertising and social networking, so I’m offering myself up to you. At this point I’m on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg…I estimate right now about 60% of my human […]

American Idol Podcast: And Then There Were Three

19th May 2011 by admin 1 Comment

We’re down to three on American Idol, and a surprising three it is. Kimberly Kerr and I break down the week and give you what we think will happen, and what we want to happen. It’s two different things at this point. Check out the podcast here. — Reid Kerr hopes you dance, especially if […] Pop Culture Podcast: Glee Gets Sad, Arnold Gets Laid

18th May 2011 by admin No Comments

The new Pop Culture Podcast is up, with Kimberly Kerr and Michael Hetrick joining me to talk about… How Glee was so sad, and yet still I almost didn’t believe it. Schwarzenegger’s affair, and our lack of surprise. Ashton Kutcher, why is he famous? How will American Idol wind up without James? Why Kim […]

American Idol Podcast: The Final Four

12th May 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Our new American Idol podcast is up, with the final four contestants singing it out doing double duty. This week… Why we’ve started to take James for granted. How Randy’s “Yo” is its own language. Who my new favorites to make the finals are. Why Haley’s gotten the dick move now two weeks in a […] Podcast: Glee Goes Prom, American Idol Goes Old

11th May 2011 by admin No Comments

New edition of the pop culture podcast up, with Kimberly Kerr and Michael Hetrick joining me to talk Glee’s Prom, American Idol’s Final Four, my moment with Larry King, Hetrick’s side job with the Game Show Network, and more! Check out the full podcast here. — Reid Kerr wonders why the school on Glee […]

DonkeyTaco Podcast: Name The Theme Songs, Win The Prize

10th May 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Time for another podcast, this time Kimberly Kerr and I give you a chance to win a ten dollar gift card from, just by identifying theme songs from TV shows. We’ll give you some of our favorites, all you have to do to win is ID the song snippets and send your guesses […]

Celebrity Apprentice: Nene Walks, Star Falls

9th May 2011 by admin No Comments

Three whole hours of Celebrity Apprentice? A whole lot of Trump deserves a whole lot of Celebrity Apprentice podcast. Here’s our take on the show, including… How Nene cowardly walking out made no sense, and has derailed the show’s plans. Why Star was a goner when Nene left. How Latoya’s fundraising leaves much to be […]

American Idol: Five Alive

5th May 2011 by admin No Comments

American Idol is down to the final five, Kimberly Kerr and I break it down on this week’s Podcast. Who the odds-on favorite to win is, and why I don’t think he’ll do it. Why Scotty’s really stepped up his game the past two weeks. What an IFB is, and why the Idols look ridiculous […] Podcast: Glee, Idol, Justified, and the Magic Box

4th May 2011 by admin No Comments

The new Pop Culture Podcast is up, featuring Chris Stuckey, Kimberly Kerr, and I talking about the week in television, including… Glee’s bout with homelessness, and my love for Brittany. American Idol, and why Casey had to go. What happens on the last Justified, and why everyone looks so dirty. My new Roku box, […]

Celebrity Apprentice Podcast: Hopeless

2nd May 2011 by admin No Comments

Back with our regular Sunday night Celebrity Apprentice podcast, even though last night’s episode was preempted at the end (and rightfully so). We talk Latoya’s grand return, how Hope’s been doomed for weeks, why Meat Loaf should never go to the toilet on camera, and much more including how the show got quickly overshadowed and […]