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Posted by admin - 23/05/11 at 03:05 am

I fear I’ve fallen prey to the lure of internet identity. I am now signing up for pretty much anything I see. I’m a perfect drone for advertising and social networking, so I’m offering myself up to you.

At this point I’m on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg…I estimate right now about 60% of my human interaction comes through the internet. Another 12% comes in the drive-through lanes at fast food joints.

If you use Twitter, the short-attention span friend stalker (“Reid is blogging,” “Reid is sleeping,” “Reid is scratching himself”), feel free to add me at reidaboutit, which you can find here. With Twitter, you can follow all sorts of quasi-interesting information about people you sort of know.

There’s Facebook, which began as a way for people in college to contact each other. Apparently just spending most of their time either in class with each other or in a drunken stupor with each other wasn’t enough. When I worked for colleges, we would check in on our athletes by looking at their Facebook accounts. If you’ve gone somewhere and done something publicly stupid in the last three years, chances are there’s pictures of it somewhere on Facebook.

So you won’t have to search for mine, here’s an embarrassing picture of me from my younger, more ridiculously-haired days.

If you’re on Facebook, you can add me here.

There’s also MySpace, which is now abandoned like an old frontier town. One of the main problems MySpace had was its ease in customization. You could add songs, backgrounds, applications, and all sorts of things that make your profile unreadable and annoying. You want your site to reflect your love of the New Kids on the Block? Done. You like dark red writing on a black background? Have at it, you little Goth freak. You want a page that looks like Wild Kingdom exploded? Here you go. Don’t stare at it too hard, or you’ll go blind.

Eventually, I’ll attain a totally social nature while never leaving my house.

— Reid Kerr got an email that someone added him on MySpace yesterday, which made him wonder if it were somehow an invitation to time travel into the past.

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