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Viagra On The Lunchtime Menu

30th June 2011 by admin 2 Comments

Strange expectations from a waitress.

Coffee And Meat

26th June 2011 by admin Comments Off on Coffee And Meat

COFFEE AND MEAT Liner Notes SIDE ONE: 1. Hungry Like The Wolf 2. Don’t Close Your Eyes 3. All Over Me 4. The Breakup Song 5. Into The Mystic 6. Smile SIDE TWO: 7. I Feel Fine 8. A Simple Song 9. My Hometown 10. Dischord 21, Rhyme 17 11. Worse 12. With Or Without […]

Walk Off 43 Pounds This Month! And Other Blatant Lies

6th June 2011 by admin No Comments

While checking out at the local store and trapped in the aisle of shiny impulse items, I saw this magazine. It’s something called “First” magazine, and the headline reads “WALK OFF 43 POUNDS THIS MONTH!” Oh, shut the Hell up. Let’s ponder the concept of walking off 43 pounds in the course of a single […]

At The Maul

3rd June 2011 by admin No Comments

I took my daughter to the mall last night to look for…something. Not sure what. Big shopping excursions have that way with me, where I can’t remember why I wound up there, only how much crap I wound up buying. Going to a mall is already a very strange experience. Malls were such a hallmark […]