Big Brother Podcast: Rachel Is Amazing

Posted by admin - 28/07/11 at 06:07 am

I’m back with another edition of the CBS Big Brother Podcast, with Kimberly Kerr.

  • Why Rachel doesn’t seem to know how to play the game, but has a track record that no other HouseGuest can match.
  • How this week’s “Same Name” extravaganza was the worst prize ever, and it should have been okay with Rachel and Brendan to skip it.
  • Which Houseguest is on a milk carton again, and which one seems edited to be a stereotype.
  • What fines I’d like to see levied on the Big Brother people, and why.

Much more on this week’s podcast, including a discussion on whether it’s better to be smart or stupid in the house, featuring a shout-out to my favorite quickly-bounced contestant, Ronnie.

Download the podcast here.

— Reid Kerr still detests Rachel, but found her track record amazing.

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