Big Brother Podcast: Cracks Are Forming

Posted by admin - 21/07/11 at 06:07 am

The Big Brother Podcast returns, as Kimberly Kerr and I take a look at week two in the BB House. What have we learned so far?

  • Keith is out, just as we predicted.
  • Danielle is making a very nice quiet move.
  • I’m not even sure who Kalia is.
  • The veterans alliance is cracking.
  • Rachel seems to be just as bad at playing the game as she was the first time she was in the house.

We”ll talk about this and give our predictions for this week on our Big Brother Podcast, available for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

You can download the podcast here.

— Reid Kerr thinks Shelly needs to get out of the sun, forever.

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