The Cats In The Hats

Posted by admin - 12/07/11 at 11:07 pm

I’ve just returned from Barnes & Noble, where it’s “funny hipster-doofus hat night,” apparently.

In that single three-person grouping, there’s two silly hats, a bad dye job, and a hilarious belt. And Sweet Day In The Morning, we’re not even mentioning the pants. This is high quality geekery. It’s like this generation was heavily influenced by Duckie from “Pretty In Pink,” sitting down to narrate their lives into their iPhones for the public record.

Eh, I’m probably just jealous. I got no hats. My man-sized melon is too funk-o-normous for any hat South of a sombrero. My daughter has the perfect sized head, she looks great in pretty much any fashionable chapeau you can find.

Me? Any hat that goes on my head immediately becomes a beanie.

— Reid Kerr can dance if he wants to, he can leave his friends behind.

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