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Dancing, With Or Without Stars

30th August 2011 by admin No Comments

Just saw the list of this year’s contestants for “Dancing With The Stars.” The cast for Season 13 of the show is Carson Kressly, Chaz Bono, Chynna Phillips, David Arquette, Elisabetta Canalis, Hope Solo, J.R. Martinez, Kristin Cavallari, Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian, and Ron Artest. I think it’s time to change the name […]

Reid’s Five Minute Breakfast O’ Comedy

22nd August 2011 by admin 4 Comments

Five minutes for breakfast, with food, the first day of school, bacon, fun blender tricks, weight loss, and why I consider the “select-a-size” paper towels a blight on humanity. Check it out.  — Reid Kerr is a fan of never having to clean bacon remnants out of his microwave again. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this […]

Seconds Count

22nd August 2011 by admin No Comments

Last week was a rather odd one for me. As I said, I parted ways with my employer. From there, I began dealing with my first unemployed week in over twenty years. Very weird. More on that later. I also had to deal with a lot of other unexpected problems, most involving my wife’s car. […]

The Sunday Ticket…To Hell

18th August 2011 by admin 2 Comments

I love football. If you’re not a sports fan, please don’t stop reading. This isn’t a sports blog, I promise you. I am a lifelong football fan, and I learned to count by adding football scores. It’s a family tradition for the Kerrs. Two years ago, I made the move to DirectTV because they gave […]

TV Or Not TV

16th August 2011 by admin 4 Comments

Looking around my house for extras and things to cut back on, I have settled on my cable/satellite bill as a first option. Back history, I have always been a cable guy. Since the late 70s when it became available to us in Bonham, Texas, I have always had the full run of channels on […]

Reid’s Big News

15th August 2011 by admin 7 Comments

I’ve got good news and bad news, and they’re both the same thing.

Big Brother Podcast: Lawon, You Idiot

10th August 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Wednesday night means time for my CBS Big Brother Podcast with Kimberly Kerr. Kalia’s in charge, with Rachel and Lawon on the block. We’ll talk it over, including: Which HouseGuest has quietly become the best player. Hint: She looks like David Spade, but taller. Why Kalia is greatly naive in the ways of Big Brother, […]

True Blood Ties

7th August 2011 by admin No Comments

Watching True Blood with my wife, when a sex scene between Sookie and Eric came on. I realized watching the scene, then glancing over at her, that this show was never going to be deleted off the DVR. For her, this was her Super Bowl. I think women find vampires sexy because they have to […]