Big Brother Podcast: Lawon, You Idiot

Posted by admin - 10/08/11 at 10:08 pm

Wednesday night means time for my CBS Big Brother Podcast with Kimberly Kerr. Kalia’s in charge, with Rachel and Lawon on the block. We’ll talk it over, including:

  • Which HouseGuest has quietly become the best player. Hint: She looks like David Spade, but taller.
  • Why Kalia is greatly naive in the ways of Big Brother, and how her HoH will cost her.
  • Lawon’s move, and how it’s probably the dumbest thing in the history of Big Brother.
  • How the HouseGuests don’t seem to understand what a “twist” is.
  • Why Jeff isn’t much of a peacemaker.
  • Who’s the favorite to come back into the house, and how it affects the game.

Whatever happens, this seems to be the point in the season where things start to get better.

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— Reid Kerr doesn’t like Adam without the beard. Or with the beard, for that matter.

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