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Posted by admin - 22/08/11 at 06:08 am

Last week was a rather odd one for me.

As I said, I parted ways with my employer. From there, I began dealing with my first unemployed week in over twenty years. Very weird. More on that later.

I also had to deal with a lot of other unexpected problems, most involving my wife’s car. She has a Volkswagon Beetle that she loves.  The VW is Germany’s final revenge, by the way. Anything that’s wrong with it from a headlight to a battery change, you’re going to need a pro. Lots of fun there, and the car wound up in the shop twice at great expense.

That’s not a pleasant experience at any point in recorded history, but considering I’m out of work, it’s even worse. From there, things got even worse-ier.

Friday, while coming back from the mechanic and paying off my wife’s car bill, I was in a car wreck in my van. It was raining, and I hydroplaned into an intersection and hit the back panel on a passing truck. I was okay, the driver of the other vehicle was okay.  Both vehicles are fairly well damaged, though.


For the last week, my mindset has been…different.  Things have changed, and I’ve really had no choice but to change with them. I can’t control things anymore. I’ve done everything I can all of my life, and now I know it doesn’t really matter. It’s almost Zen.

Sitting on the side of the road and looking back on the crash, I wasn’t as upset about what happened as I was marveled at what did.

If I had come through five seconds earlier, I would have slid through the intersection without contact and probably wound up flipped on someone’s lawn across the street. One second earlier to that point, and the truck would have hit me right through my door with full force. With Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam with Full Force, even.

No one ever thinks the little things matter. I know now they not only matter, but they’re vital.

I’ve spent my life as most of us have, looking at the big things. Now it’s time to see what I’ve missed.

— Reid Kerr knows you can never step in the same river twice, but isn’t that big of a fan of standing in rivers anyway.

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