The Many Faces Of Facebook

Posted by admin - 27/10/11 at 10:10 pm

For example, here's a five-year old pic of me that's the only one I can find right now.

I saw a woman on Facebook I thought I recognized, so I clicked on her picture to see if she had any other photos I might remember.

She had 1300 pictures.

Thirteen hundred pictures! On Facebook, which obviously wasn’t just limited to her friends. I’m a total stranger, and I feel pretty confident I could have put a psych profile together on her. (Theory #1: She’s really fond of herself.)

I can’t imagine having 1300 pictures of anything, much less me. I couldn’t take that many pictures if I drove cross-country in a car with a busted radiator that had to stop every half-hour.

— Reid Kerr is also unnerved by people who only post pictures of their kids, and assumes the worst.

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