I Wouldn’t Buy That For A Dollar

Posted by admin - 21/12/11 at 05:12 am

I saw this while doing some Christmas shopping, and had to take a picture of it. This is a New Choice Pregnancy Test from the Dollar Tree store, costing a grand total of one dollar.

Offhand, what do you think the failure rate of a dollar’s worth of pregnancy test is? I’m guessing you could probably get similar results from peeing on a stick you found in your yard.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say if you’ve only budgeted a buck for your pregnancy test, you’re probably not going to have too much savings kicked back for the unborn’s eventual education. That poor kid’s not going to see a college unless it has the words “junior” or “clown” in it.

— Reid Kerr thinks you should just pee on a quarter, and flip it.

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