Rick Springfield, Live At The Glass Cactus

Posted by admin - 13/12/11 at 06:12 am

Rick Springfield, born in 1949, just like Lindsay Wagner.

I went to see Rick Springfield in concert this weekend. And no, I didn’t travel by flux-capacitor-powered DeLorean.

To begin with, if you’re a fan of forty-year old boobies, this was the place for you. Luckily, I am, and there were many many of them on display at the Glass Cactus.

Rick Springfield is like a human time wall. His musical career took place from “Jessie’s Girl” in 1981 straight through to “State Of The Heart” in 1985. After that, he was pretty much gone. He was still famous for General Hospital and all that, but not in the mainstream.

That meant there was a clear chronological line of demarcation across this concert right about the age of thirty-eight. If you were younger than that, you weren’t there. You were probably home waiting on next week when Jesus Jones & EMF were going to be playing there.

(Just a quick note for children of the 90’s. No, they weren’t.)

Taking a quick survey of the audience, roughly 90% of all the men in attendance were in a garage band at some point. Of the women, approximately 110% of them would have slept with Rick Springfield at any point in time from 1981 until that evening.

The crowd had aged pretty well, actually, although there were a few leftovers from the 80s. There was some big hair, a side ponytail, and a guy dressed like Alexander Godunov from Die Hard.

This guy took time out from shooting at John McClane to show up.

It was a pretty good show. There were some odd choices of cover material (“Red House,” “Jet“), but he knew he was there to play his hits. He could have just stood there for an hour and most of the female crowd wouldn’t have minded, but he still ran through the catalogue. And Rick Springfield rocks pretty hard for a sixty-three year-old guy. Considering Rick is the same age as Ed Begley Jr. and Jessica Lange, I’d have to say he puts on a better concert than either one of those two at this point.

I will say this about the show at the Glass Cactus, concerts have gotten so corporate. And you know what? That’s a very good thing. There’s no overwhelming waves of smoke. High prices keep drunken idiots to a minimum, and it doesn’t seem like you’re going to wander into a fistfight at any point.

Sure, a t-shirt will cost you a mortgage payment, but you can just buy one on eBay later.

All in all, it was a great show. Here’s my feelings on bands from the 80s…Even if I didn’t like you in the 80s, if you’re still plugging away I consider it my duty as a child of the 80s to support you now. Rick Springfield, Madonna, Bon Jovi, God bless you guys. You have gone on where Mr. Mister, Jody Watley, and the Fixx never dared to go.

— Reid Kerr figured correctly that “Jessie’s Girl” would be a closer.

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