Sons Of Anarchy: LaMonica Garrett

Posted by admin - 06/12/11 at 04:12 am

LaMonica Garrett: Slamball king, Fight Night Champion, Deputy Sheriff, cool dude.

As part of my column over at, I got a chance to grab a couple of minutes with LaMonica Garrett. LM plays Deputy Sheriff Cane on Sons Of Anarchy, and has also been on NCIS, One Tree Hill, and most importantly to my pop culture sensibilities, was on Spike TV’s Slamball.

Excerpts are up over at my Examiner column, the full interview is below. In it, I find out…

  • How he got the gig on SOA, and how it feels to work on a show where every page of script could be your last.
  • What it’s like at the table read, when everyone reads the SOA script for the first time.
  • What he and Kevin Costner bonded over on NCIS.
  • How he got the job as EA Fight Night Champion’s Andre Bishop.

Download the full interview here, and see if you think he survives tonight’s season finale.

— Reid Kerr would love to be on Sons Of Anarchy, even if he had to do scenes with Hasselhoff.

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