Discount Keys To Happiness

Posted by admin - 02/01/12 at 03:01 pm

I grew up as a musician.

Well, in all honesty, I grew up in bad bar bands, practicing in garages, playing pawn shop guitars and cheap electronic keyboards, borrowing whatever equipment we couldn’t find used. They were good times, really.

There was a kind of romanticism to the era. Anyone who had a practice space, or God help us all, a four-track recorder, that guy automatically had a spot in the band. Equipment was at a premium. We couldn’t just go to Google and find a great price on “”xr650-cw mids jl audio car 6.5″ midrange mid bass” or “Ibanez 7-string JEM series,” or any of the other things that were so vital back then that are complete gibberish to the uninformed.

We had to dig in pawn shops and scour the newspapers and Thrifty Nickles to look for things, anything we could find. Any extra speaker cabinets, cheap music keyboards, or lights and PA. It was almost a vision quest to get things done back in those days.

These days, it’s not only easier to find equipment, most of the big ones can be housed on a laptop. I’ve got a shareware program that duplicates a Moog keyboard on my laptop, a free alternative to something that costs thousands of dollars.

And that was in mid-eighties money! That Moog would be worth a Leer Jet these days.

Things are a lot easier for crappy bands these days, it seems. I just miss the old ways, the rites of passage.

— Reid Kerr is awfully sentimental about the crappy times in his life.



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