Podcast: Four Guys, One Goal

Posted by admin - 25/01/12 at 04:01 am

Artists rendering of our get-together.

I had a great time last evening with three of my old friends, Chris Stuckey, Matt “Mattie 5” Bellner, and Zack Spears. We’d all worked together in radio before, and we decided to get together and podcast. It was every bit as blessedly random as conversations between friends usually are. Comedy! Pop culture! Awkward mentions of things we accidentally went into too much detail about! Good stuff.

Part One: NFL Playoffs, gambling, improper tweeting, how hilariously diverse Mattie 5’s resume is (Professional Putter & Forklift Operator), the unsanitary nature of edible underwear, and the latest Mattie 5 has ever been for church.

Part Two: Fast food condiments, including something you never knew about Whataburger ketchup, Reid taking gluttony on the road, why Mattie 5 thinks Facebook is about to implode, what your Facebook picture says about you (especially if you’re not in it), Zack’s time in Twitter Jail, and the many deaths of Matt Bellner.

Part Three: Which Dancing With The Stars winner has been in Mattie 5’s apartment? Why working in the media is the most glamorous way to live in poverty, Stuckey’s favorite drinks, Mattie 5’s famous 0.02 cent residual check, how Stuckey loses friends on Facebook, why eBay sucks, and how to get the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket for free.
— Reid Kerr has no idea how most of those conversational topics got started, but enjoyed it anyway.

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