Podcast: Joe R. Lansdale

Posted by admin - 11/01/12 at 11:01 pm

Joe R. Lansdale...writer, icon, really nice dude.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of sitting down with Joe R. Lansdale, and talking to him about the craft of writing. Joe’s written dozens of novels, short stories, comics, novellas, and pretty much done everything a writer would want to do. He’s won awards (including the Bram Stoker Award eight times), had his work turned into films (including “Bubba Hotep”), and just generally been an icon, especially to me.

Even though he’s made the big-time, Joe is still a very friendly, open guy. I had him on my radio show last year when they were filing “Christmas With The Dead,” and when I saw him talking about writing on his Facebook page, I approached him about doing a podcast with me.

Joe talks about his writing process, the industry, agents, e-publishing, and the single most important thing for a writer to do. If you’re a fan of Joe R. Lansdale, or you consider yourself a writer, this interview will open your eyes about some things. It was good to get actual advice from a guy at the top of the game, who worked his way up every single rung to put himself there.

Click here for the full podcast.

— Reid Kerr has cast a Hap and Leonard movie in his head dozens of times.

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