Primary Problems

Posted by admin - 11/01/12 at 04:01 am

Not much else going on in New Hampshire, apparently.

Well, the results are in from New Hampshire, and all I have to say is, “New Hampshire? Really?”

As a political nihilist, I’m at a complete loss to fathom how we take this entire multi-million dollar job search involving a profession with access to nuclear weapons, and we start it in Iowa and New Hampshire.

To begin with, I don’t even know if New Hampshire is a state. On the puzzle map I grew up playing with, New Hampshire was lumped in with the other New England states in a larger, yet still tiny block. I have no idea what shape it is. It’s roughly the size of a dorm room.

We’ve got three hundred million people in the country, of which about forty-three live in New Hampshire. More people are killed every year in Dallas than live in New Hampshire, but somehow, that’s the place we look to for leadership.

It’s like opening a new movie, but instead of going to New York or L.A., they use a bargain cinema in Butte, Montana to gauge public interest.

— Reid Kerr isn’t even sure where Old Hampshire went.

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