What I Learned In 2011

Posted by admin - 01/01/12 at 05:01 am

You can't step in the same river twice. But why do you want to stand around in a river anyway?

Ah, 2011. Gone so quickly, and hopefully for good.

A lot changed for me in 2011. I made some good friends, got to meet and interview some of my heroes and idols (including one coming up on the site this week), and had a lifetime’s worth of fun crammed into one year.

This was the year I finally realized what the only thing I’ve ever really done well was, and what I need to be doing with my life.

This was a year where we said goodbye to longtime family and friends, but were forever grateful for the memories.

This was the year I gave up on radio, but not the friends I had made in it.

Notice I said specifically my friends, by the way. The rest of you, good luck with all that. 

I learned a lot of things in 2011.

  • You don’t appreciate something until it’s gone, sure. But the flip side of that is also true. You don’t appreciate nothing until you have it.
  • The world is full of people who don’t want it.
  • When you realize what you are, be that.
  • We are all better than we think we are, we’re just designed not to believe it when we hear it from ourselves.
  • It’s okay to be stupid today, as long as you’re smarter tomorrow.
  • We should all realize that one person can make a difference. However, we should also realize that most of us ain’t that person.
  • The moon doesn’t shine down on you, it just reflects your light.
  • Life is not fair, true. But it’s better than Monopoly, that game sucks.
  • Living well is the best revenge, but don’t discount flaming bags of poop. Those get the job done too.

There’s the legend about 2012 being the last year for the world. Really though, you could say that about every year. The Mayans just felt like putting it down in writing, like putting your Oscar picks on Twitter. I doubt it really meant that much to them.

Remember, every day is another day and another chance, not just the ones we declare as bank holidays.

PS: By the way, it has come to my attention that I have offended some people this past year who don’t get my jokes. Life will continue to be hard for you people.

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