4 Guys, 1 Podcast: Hot Girls’ Names, Sex Ed Class, & Mattie 5 Is Robin Williams

Posted by admin - 23/02/12 at 04:02 am

One of these guys is actually Mattie 5. Seriously.

Part two of our comedy podcast  from the 4 Guys, 1 Podcast crew. I’m joined by Chris StuckeyMatt “Mattie 5” Bellner, and Zack Spears again, for topics such as…

  • Which restaurant has now lost Stuckey’s business, for good.
  • How old all the guys were when they got “the sex talk,” including Zack’s talk with Stuckey’s parents.
  • Stuckey’s disdain for me because I don’t know what brand my TV is.
  • What movie poster has Mattie 5’s body, but Robin Williams’ face.
  • Mattie’s 5’s legendary college baseball career, where he played every game under an assumed number.
  • How Stuckey told us all about Jeremy Lin two years ago.
  • An unscientific study from Deadspin on the hottest girls’ names.
  • Why we got nothing from our Sex Ed classes, because they were taught by coaches.

All that and more available on the podcast below, or you can download it here.

Also, part one is still available featuring discussion on what ten seconds means in a male-female relationship, why women get hotter but men get dumber in a casual relationship, how Steven Tyler cost Stuckey big money once, and our NASCAR tales of horror.  You can download part one here.

And by the way, all my podcasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe to them here if you prefer.

— Reid Kerr has a favorite Robin Williams movie that no one else remembers, “The Survivors.”

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