Podcast: Alex Irvine

Posted by admin - 23/02/12 at 04:02 am

Alex Irvine, novelist, comic writer, the man behind the Facebook game I'll lose my entire summer to.

New podcast up today, I’m joined by writer Alex Irvine. Alex is not only a writer of great sci-fi stuff and some pretty intense comics for Marvel, he’s also the man behind the new game for Facebook, Avengers Assemble.

I have steadfastly resisted playing games on Facebook for years, but I’m fairly certain this one is going to take most of my free time this summer, autumn, and probably Christmas.

Anyway, Alex was a great guy to talk to. On the podcast, we talk about…

  • Which Marvel character he’s always wanted to write, and why he’s so difficult to write for.
  • What comics from the seventies and eighties he’d love to bring back.
  • Writing for comics vs. novels vs. games, and the different styles of storytelling.
  • How he got his start in writing, and what old-school trick he uses to get his first drafts written.
  • His style, his process, and his advice on agents.
  • The advantages of writing out of continuity, and the thrills of taking over ongoing book.

All that an more on today’s podcast. Great stuff from Alex. Looking at what he’s done so far, and his involvement with Avengers Assemble, I’d say he’s a writer well on his way to fully breaking through.

You can listen to the podcast below, or download it here.

— Reid Kerr would love to write a new Shogun Warriors book, but only if he could make it a black comedy.

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