Right Here, Right Noir

Posted by admin - 15/02/12 at 05:02 am

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, hoping for inspiration. After reading several crime thrillers and being disappointed, I’ve decided to write my own non-cliched novel.

My novel will be centered around a man in prison for a crime he did commit, and a mafia hitman who has no problems killing women, children, and dogs. There’s a hooker without a heart of gold, but rather with a fiery crotch of chlamydia. Tracking the case is a policeman with two weeks until retirement, who has one last case he doesn’t care at all about solving.

Some of the minor characters will be a henchman who’s a former ballet dancer, a PI who keeps breaking the laws the cops wish they could break, and also keeps getting arrested for it, a wisecracking bartender who’s new in town and doesn’t know anybody, and a mafia don who spends nights surfing Match.com.

The story begins with the murder of a bookie who takes odds on “Big Brother,” and a shipment of guns coming into town from an arms dealer with a huge comic book collection.

I plan to have the case solved by a former cop who drinks, but not too much.

— Reid Kerr can totally see some of those characters showing up on “The Good Guys.”

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