4 Guys, 1 Podcast: Oscars, Monkees, and Makeup

Posted by admin - 01/03/12 at 11:03 am

Not me. Not yet.

Back with another 4 Guys, 1 Podcast today, with Chris Stuckey, Matt “Mattie 5” Bellner, and Zack Spears. This week, we tackle topics like…

  • Why the Oscars are just too old to be relevant.
  • Our gambling tips, including just making one bet and going home.
  • Which singer and booze expert I keep getting compared to, thanks to the hair.
  • Which of the 4 Guys have worn makeup, and why.
  • Our new sponsors.
  • Blurry memories of the Monkees.
  • Your requests through Twitter and Facebook, including some NFL Draft discussion, and why Zack needs to be on an NFL roster.
  • How blowing up a gas truck on the track almost made NASCAR watchable for me.

All that and much more available now.

You can download the podcast here, or listen to it below. All our podcasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe to them here if you prefer.

— Reid Kerr thinks the Oscars should have more awards for silent movies.

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