Avengers Alliance, Assembled, Etcetera

Posted by admin - 14/03/12 at 10:03 am

Writer / SHIELD Agent Alex Irvine

For those of you playing Avengers Alliance on Facebook, I’ve got a new interview up with writer Alex Irvine. In addition to his novels and comic work, Irvine was also the writer for the game.

In terms of addiction, Avengers Alliance is right up there with cracking your knuckles, watching Arrested Development, and meth. Yeah, I’m now playing a game after making fun of all of you FarmVille people. And I probably still will, come to think of it. In my favorite game, I can fly and shoot repulsor rays. In yours, you tend to pigs. I win.

Anyway, you can check out that interview here. And if you’re playing, feel free to add me on Facebook. And send gifts!

— Reid Kerr would like to see Black Goliath, Bug from the Micronauts, and Combatra in the game.

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